New Samus Papercraft files

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Updates

So I’ve stumbled upon a lovely little .PDO file of Samus Aran in her Light Suit from Metroid Prime, complete with textures. I think it looks like a lovely little rip, but as with the Varia suit, Samus seems to have the weirdest proportions I’ve ever seen on a woman… its very perculiar. Her hips go out before they go down, her limbs seem both chunky in some places, and anorexically thin in others. It also appears she maintains the weird chest width that she has in the Varia suit model, allowing her arms to operate normally, but apparently not being physically possible for anyone with a normal physical arms to.

It looks like this might be one for the ‘hey that would be pretty cool’ list, and not something that will be joining the ranks of anything that i’ll be making anytime soon unfortunately. But still, its good to be able to gather more 3D references for help with the Varia suit construction. And it might just be the case that i’ll build it anyway just because it’ll look pretty.

And at 400ish pieces, its not that bad really. Maybe when I’ve got some free time on my hands.


Light Suit Back



Light Suit Front



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